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Very dumb, terrible games meant to emulate early 2000s Newgrounds games. I'm finally working on something that is actually good though...follow me on twitter to see it !!! twitter.com/jackastral

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First things first.
Now, what I wanted to say is, will this take place in universe 08, and also, Jesus Christ!!! December!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?? Thats more than a year. Ah well, if its good itll be worth it. Once more into the breach!!

I'll try to make smaller things on Newgrounds between now and then!

It's my first real, proper game so I want to put my absolute all into it and get it right :-D

"Demonic, aborted fetus"? Is that played for horror or for humor because I can't tell?

You'll see lol - The game has this kinda underlying dark, morbid sense of humour. It's still very quirky and weird too though of course

Glad to see you're back, or at least still around.

I guess my question: Is the new stuff you plan to upload here have to do with Death Falling?

Last updates both here, and the sporadic twitter feeds seemed to be heading in that direction and I know that I at least was very interested in seeing that come to fruition. Or is that project on hold?

Given your desire to work on a seemingly much bigger game yourself that's fair if it is, but I was curious.

Right now I'm focused entirely on View From Below, so my other visual novel stuff has had to be put on hold for now

I'm sure I'll eventually get around to making some next year though :)

Thanks for playing my stuff, and sorry for the late reply !

Until December? Hmm this is gonna be good...

Awww man December 2018 T_T, ah well that's okay. Great things take time! and you've already proven your more than capable of newgrounds greatness

2019 is close

I'm nearly finished :)

This explains the lack of activity the past couple of years. :) Though 2019's here now, latest post on the Twitter was a while back too... is the plan still in motion?

Yup ! Release might be early 2020 though - I really want it to be my kinda first real proper game that I put all of my heart and soul into ! Hopefully it turns out good LOL !!!! (Might post a demo on newgrounds later this year )

Hope for the best! (And that'd be awesome.)

Thanks !